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Friend’s Links:

some of my artist and photographer friends’ websites which I have designed : 

  • portraits, people and animals by Mandy Thomas: a wonderful person and deeply sincere artist
  • energetic and emotive abstracts by the prolific painter Alex Gillo
  • Highly professional photography by Tim Mossford: a very busy photographer
  • Ralph Colmar’s obsession with cars seems to have overtaken his love of art to the point that his art website has lapsed, but he works hard as a film-maker and conceptualist photographer when he’s not driving, racing or taking photos of cars.
  • Tybulus Tyburn has been obsessively working on his film about the lost kingdom of Abalonia for many years, often roping me in as an extra or actor. I have the scars to prove it! Well his site looks great apart from the lack of content – but I’ve been urging him to get on with it so watch this space.
  • Art, digital 3D design and animation by this troubled but singularly original artist