Pictures at an exhibition

Here are some photos from my last ‘proper’ exhibition at the View Gallery 4 years ago… Life sidetracked me for a bit but I’m girding my loins and dusting myself off with the intention of showing my work again. 

The drawings shown at the exhibition: four large A1 biro drawings

Some photos of the private view from my old friend and brilliant photographer Mark ‘Bub’ Watts

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New work on Instagram

 instagramAfter a rather difficult 4 years, dealing with several bereavements and family problems, I turned to drawing to keep sane. Now I have a large amount of drawings in sketch books, but haven’t been able to turn these into the large, polished and finished pieces that people expect to see at exhibitions… plus.. .they’re not really the sort of images that people want to buy to put on their walls, since they were created from a dark place, trying to make sense of emotional turmoil. 

I had a thought recently… why not show the sketches in an exhibition? Instead of tidying them up for public consumption, why not show them in their rawness? They are direct and sincere and a bit wonky, but they’re real. So.. the idea has been forming of creating an exhibition as an experience, rather than as a shop to buy what is for most people, fancy furniture. I would love to fill a room with images and let people just lose themselves in it… not to court flattering comments, or to increase my brand as an artist… but to provide an experience. 

So I’ve been busy going through my sketchbooks scanning the drawings to see how many there are and to see how they look together. I finally worked out a hacky way to upload images directly from my computer to Instagram (Chrome Dev Tools if you’re interested) so I’ve been putting the drawings on Instagram. Here is a selection:

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Animation for A Wing A Prey A Song

Here is a compilation of the animations used in the performance A Wing A Prey A Song. I was commissioned to create the animation by playright Ros Martin last year. The animations were projected around the room during the reading performance, highlighting the action and adding more layers to the audience experience. For more information please visit

A Wing A Prey A Song
A play written by Ros Martin
Animation by Mike Stuart
Poem by Ros Martin read by Ros Martin, Jojo martin and Ria Hartley
Poem by Langston Hughes sung by by Emilyne Mondo and Shola Adewusi
Copyright 2013 (c) Ros Martin, Mike Stuart & The Migrations Project
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Exhibiting in the Open Walls show at It’s All Too Much gallery

Mark at Its All 2 Much galleryI’ve just dropped off some work including 2 newly framed works at It’s All 2 Much gallery for their Open Walls show which runs till November 24th 2013.

It’s All 2 Much gallery specialises in supporting local artists. They have a strong pop and graffiti influence which is appropriate since their gallery sits in the heart of the vibrant, feral open-air graffiti gallery that is Stokes Croft. The gallery itself is a bit of a hidden gem, since you’d never know that it is home to many busy artist studios in their back rooms. Continue reading

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A Wing A Prey A Song

I will be creating a series of animated projections based on the theme of migratory birds for the Migrations theatre project: A Wing A Prey A Song. For more information visit


Having a lifelong fascination for the natural world, I feel inspired that this project will enable me to gain a deeper understanding of birds; to explore the movement of bird flight, the textures and patterns of their markings, their gestures and social interaction.
I find the symbolism of bird migration very interesting. Migration can represent the yearning we feel for a bigger world, for change and for adventure.
The animation works in the play as punctuation; a place for rest and reflection between each scene. Displaying the animation in this way lifts it beyond the TV screen or gallery wall.

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Last chance to see drawings at the Summer Salon exhibition.

Summer Salon at the View gallery, Hotwells, BristolI am currently showing 5 drawings at the Summer Salon exhibition in the View Gallery, Bristol.
I had an unofficial quiet low-key celebration but I haven’t exhibited for 10 years so this was a big event for me. I was drawing furiously up to the last moment to finish two drawings that I really wanted to include so it was a huge relief when I had completed and framed them on time… and great to see them framed on the gallery walls.

The Summer Salon is an uncharecteristically subdued event for the View Gallery, where they showcase as many artists as possible during the quiet period when people are away during the summer, but I’ve been invited back to exhibit in a themed show in November.

Also, in September I shall be showing some different pieces at It’s All Too Much gallery in Stokes Croft.

There’s only one weekend left before the Summer Salon closes so if you’d like to see it this is the last opportunity to do so:

View Art Gallery
159-161 Hotwell Road
Bristol BS8 4RY

open from:

  • 11-6 Friday and Saturday
  • 12-4 on Sunday
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Teaching at Brunel Academy

Art Workshop at Brunel AcademyIn December 2012 I was invited to visit a year 10 GCSE art class at Brunel Academy, a secondary school in Bristol. I’ve taught web design, Flash and Photoshop before, but I was very nervous about how to approach teaching something so close to my heart as Art. Teaching a practical subject like web design is completely different: there are specific goals and tasks that can be taught in a step-by-step way. Continue reading

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Click to return to box selectorThese were small wooden cubes illustrated with gel pen, watercolour pen and biro on every side. They could be regarded as 3 dimensional drawings. To see them animate in 3D click on one of the boxes… Continue reading

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Cats… Cats… Cats…

It appears that the world is divided between dog and cat people – those who like their friends to do what they’re told and to agree with them – and those who prefer to admire their friends for being true to their nature and avoid sycophants. I fall into the latter category since most of my friends are quite blunt and a bit odd. You can’t tell a cat what to do – you have to invite it and hope that it agrees. Continue reading

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The Selkie

I have felt fascinated by tales of the Selkie ever since I first heard the story as a child. There are many versions of the story, but the common thread running through them is of stolen love, betrayal, forced taming of a magically wild nature and of yearning for a lost life. I have always felt a certain frustration at the way the stories hint at the deepest fears and most tragic emotions without fully explaining the cruelty behind the character’s actions. Perhaps this is true of most fairy tales: they stir up emotions but leave you wondering… Continue reading

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