New work on Instagram

After a rather difficult 4 years, dealing with several bereavements and family problems, I turned to drawing to keep sane. Now I have a large amount of drawings in sketch books, but haven’t been able to turn these into the large, polished and finished pieces that people expect to see at exhibitions… plus.. .they’re not really the sort of images that people want to buy to put on their walls, since they were created from a dark place, trying to make sense of emotional turmoil. 

I had a thought recently… why not show the sketches in an exhibition? Instead of tidying them up for public consumption, why not show them in their rawness? They are direct and sincere and a bit wonky, but they’re real. So.. the idea has been forming of creating an exhibition as an experience, rather than as a shop to buy what is for most people, fancy furniture. I would love to fill a room with images and let people just lose themselves in it… not to court flattering comments, or to increase my brand as an artist… but to provide an experience. 

So I’ve been busy going through my sketchbooks scanning the drawings to see how many there are and to see how they look together. I finally worked out a hacky way to upload images directly from my computer to Instagram (Chrome Dev Tools if you’re interested) so I’ve been putting the drawings on Instagram. Here is a selection: