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a wing a prey a song - sketches for animation project
A Wing A Prey A Song
I will be creating a series of animated projections based on the theme of migratory birds for the Migrations theatre
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Last chance to see drawings at the Summer Salon exhibition.
I am currently showing 5 drawings at the Summer Salon exhibition in the View Gallery, Bristol. I had an unofficial
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Teaching at Brunel Academy
In December 2012 I was invited to visit a year 10 GCSE art class at Brunel Academy, a secondary school in Bristol. I’ve taught
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These were small wooden cubes illustrated with gel pen, watercolour pen and biro on every side. They could be regarded as
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Cats… Cats… Cats…
It appears that the world is divided between dog and cat people – those who like their friends to do
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The Selkie
I have felt fascinated by tales of the Selkie ever since I first heard the story as a child. There
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